High ethics part of everyday business

A prerequisite for Lifco’s decentralized organization to work out well is the compliance with our Code of Conduct. It is mandatory for all CEOs of subsidiaries to secure that the Code of Conduct is observed by all employees.

The Code of Conduct underlines Lifco’s fundamental principles for our behaviors and values. It covers the relationship with employees, customers, suppliers, society and environment as well as shareholders.

Download Lifco’s Code of Conduct

Our core values – Respect for others, Openness, Pragmatism

Respect for others

In all our dealings with customers, employees and other stakeholders we must respect them as human beings of equal value regardless of rank, race, religion, age, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, political opinion, union membership, marital status or disability. Thus we have to make our best ef­forts to listen to and respect each individual’s opinions even if we ourselves are of a different opinion.


It is of utmost importance that we create an atmosphere where people dare to be open. In achieving this we openly have to concede our mistakes. It is natural that every human being makes mistakes.


We should aim to make the best possible decision in every single case. The decisions should purely be based on facts and without prejudice. Further, preconceived opinions or pride should not influence decisions.